Our Awards

The Alliance's Choice Awards program is designed to showcase to the public organizations  or citizens that through actions or deeds promote a healthy lifestyle. The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers recognize organizations or citizens that promote and/or develop strategies that protect and  preserve the health and well being of all of society.


It has been said that health is a person’s greatest treasure. The mission of the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers is to encourage others to develop healthier lifestyles to combat preventable illnesses. Giving people the tools to stay healthy is as important as helping them when they are sick. Prevention, wellness,  and fitness require healthy behaviors such as eating a well balanced diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and relaxation, and annual doctors visits for physical examinations. The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers hope to achieve our goals by providing primary, secondary, and tertiary health promotion and prevention strategies with interventions designed to promote good health. 

Parties interested in American Alliance membership may petition Alliance President Rick Parr at rvparr@aahcp.com for consideration. Members may be a healthcare organization or must be highly qualified as a healthcare professional or  qualified to serve as an Alliance Certified Health and Wellness Coach or Consultant.  Anyone with a Facebook membership and a strong interest in health and wellness may be eligible to participate in the American Alliance's Electoral College. The Alliance pledges to serve the entire American community by presenting health related programs, services, and events that aim to prevent illness and disease, promote health, and reduce risk factors.


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