​​​​​​​​​The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers Hospital of Choice Awards Was Founded in 2002 to Recognize the Best Hospitals in Customer Service Delivery.
In 2015, the Awards combined efforts with The American Academy on Health and Wellness to expand recognition to other facilities dedicated to customer service delivery with a unique dedication to health, wellness, and fitness. The Choice Award is proof positive that a facility has the right stuff to meet the needs of families, clinicians and organizations seeking a health-focused partner to work with.
A press release is sent the media, notifying them of the top facilities selected by AAHW.
Selections are made annually.
Any qualifying organization may apply to be reviewed at no cost, or facilities will be randomly selected for review based on available public information.
Choice Award Certificate of Recognitions are available for each winning facility.
Winning facilities are posted on the website www.choicehospitals.com.
For Choice Award consideration, please send a request by email to  choiceawards@aahcp.com  Choice Award selections are issued solely under the authority of the American Academy on Health, Wellness and Fitness, Inc. Applicants are judged solely on the merits of the review process and interviews conducted by AAHW.​​​​​​​​

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Selection Process

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The Choice Awards for Health, Wellness & Fitness

The Choice Awards Selection Criteria
The Choice Awards offer a competitive advantage to a select group of winners that demonstrate their excellence in encouraging healthy living. Each winner may receive a certificate of recognition. The period of recognition is for one year. Winners will be listed on the website www.choicehospitals.com.
The Awards were implemented in 2002 as a vehicle to promote and recognize America’s most customer-friendly hospitals. The Choice Awards has expanded to include all organizations with an outstanding customer focus on improving health, wellness, and fitness. Organizations are recognized in one of six categories. Organizations compete based on the results of at least three performance measures.  All members are eligible to review the results and vote for the candidate of their choice.
For additional information, please visit the different sections of our website: www.choicehospitals.com or call (703) 655-1381.

The Academies Mission is to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary health promotion and prevention strategies and comprehensive interventions in an effort to protect, preserve, and promote the health and well being of all of society.

In view of the Academy's goals, the following overarching goals provide the structure through which we serve members and the entire American community.
To identify, secure and evaluate health and wellness resources for members presenting a variety of biopsychosocial personal needs.
To provide all members equal opportunity and access to all health related programs, services and events.
To provide assistance to members in crisis.
To prevent illness and disease, promote health, and reduce risk factors.
To be sensitive to the diverse cultural norms and beliefs of the people for whom the programs and interventions are intended.
To participate in and contribute to professional organizations at national, regional, and local levels.
To establish and maintain collaborative professional relationships with the healthcare organizations, retirement communities, hotels, and others committed to providing health, wellness and fitness resources